Meet up with i2i CEO and Founder

A native New Yorker with 17 years on in-China experience.

“Promoting my passions began at an early age and has always come quite naturally to me,” says Alexander Glos. A native New Yorker, known to his friends and colleagues as “Alec”, a graduate of the Browning school in Manhattan and Columbia University, started his career while he was still finishing his Master’s degree. “I couldn’t wait to get into the real world, so during my last year at Columbia, I worked in advertising and sales development,” Before graduation, Alec was a sales manager with AJN media and after graduation joined Merrill Lynch as an equity options trader.

In 1987 he founded his first media company with a focus on publishing and event development for the rapidly growing consumer PC industry. Based from New York City, the company nationalized and within two years globalized including clients and business throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada.

In 1991 he sold the business and joined the Gartner Group, the world’s leading technology research and consultancy as their international marketing and business director. Based in London, he successfully grew the company’s client portfolio by nearly 150% while expanding business into the rapidly emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

In 1994, he joined the ITE group, a London-based media and events company as a divisional director with P&L responsibility for over $35,000,000 in business.

In 1999, he created i2i with a vision to offer global companies an international standard for achieving business success in greater China. The original office opened in Beijing with two employees. Within a year the client portfolio exceeded 10 organizations and nearly 12 employees were working full-time.

The company has always had a philosophy to watch trends in order to provide a context for clients, as well as assist them in redefining and reshaping their goals, product or business. He takes pride in the fact that those who have enlisted his expertise have successfully forged a leading role in their business categories and are serving their markets in the most effective and productive manner possible.